Compromise is key. The future of your life cannot be dictated by someone else, but it can be affected by them – and working together to find what makes you both happy in the long run, is key.
But the hardwiring was still something that was ticking in me like a bomb waiting to go off. And I had residual guilt about choosing a different set of high-hanging fruit than my parents

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I don’t bother with regrets. It is what it is.
The beauty of different.


Interviewer: So what Diet are you on?

So much love.

love her.

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I found this really helpful and thought I’d share!

Found this here.

Hence why I try to limit my Brown Rice in favor of Quinoa. WOO!

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A Vitamin Cheat sheet that let’s you know how each vitamin helps your body and what foods they are in.


[More Infographics Here]

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